TrailerBlade Side Skirts Outperforms. Outworks. Outlasts.


Our approach to product design is rooted in a commitment to operational excellence and
outstanding performance. TrailerBlade Side Skirts and all of our other products are thoughtfully designed,
precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested before they ever see the asphalt.

TrailerBlade Products

TrailerBlade HD

The Original Side Skirt

TrailerBlade Fleet

Less weight than TrailerBlade HD

TrailerBlade Pup

Fuel efficient and practical

TrailerBlade Reefer

Maintain easy tank access

TrailerBlade Door

Fast under trailer access

TrailerBlade Flap

Won’t rip off. No Spray. Save Fuel.

Easy and Fast Installation


TrailerBlade Fleet with Fast Install Feature can be installed in less than one man hour. TrailerBlade HD can be installed in less than two man hours.

TrailerBlade is a modular product that is as easy to repair as it is to install.

TrailerBlade Fleet Installation

TrailerBlade HD Installation

Achieve greater than 7% fuel savings* with TrailerBlade.


The right combination of proven materials, rugged design, and efficient manufacturing make TrailerBlade economical to buy, easy to install, and ruggedly built. It will last for years.


In an independent test at the General Motors Desert Proving Ground, some of the world’s top automotive testing engineers validated the fuel saving performance of TrailerBlade. Not only did TrailerBlade pass the Smartway certification requirement for an Advanced Side Skirt, it exceeded the certification requirement by more than 43%.

*TrailerBlade has proven fuel savings of 7.15% at highway speeds in accordance with strict EPA testing guidelnes.

Fuel Savings Estimator

Discover how much TrailerBlade can reduce your fuel expenses.

Dollars Saved for Percentage Improvements in Mileage
Gallons Saved for Percentage Improvements in Mileage
Annual Return on Investment for Improvements in Mileage
Payback Months for Percentage Improvements in Mileage