TrailerBlade is manufactured by Strehl, LLC

Strehl’s leading brand, TrailerBlade has exceeded the standards in the advanced side skirt market. Our superior side skirts provide the best durability and fuel savings.

Strehl produces and distributes quality equipment and parts for tractor trailers. Our keen eye for detail is rooted in a commitment to providing the best. Our products are thoughtfully designed with the latest technologies, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested before they ever hit the asphalt.

TrailerBlade products have been independently tested and achieved at least 7.15% fuel savings.

Exceeded Smartway certification requirements by 43% and meets CARB Requirements.


Why Choose TrailerBlade?

At Strehl, we put more detail and design into our products to get the highest energy savings on the market. When you buy a Strehl product, we believe you are buying for life. Inferior skirts leave money on the road. Choose from our line of Trailerblade products for long lasting and durable side skirts and more!


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality tractor trailer accessories on the market to carriers and owners of tractor trailers. Our products will not only provide fuel savings that pays for itself but lasts the life of a trailer.


What You Get

Strehl’s premier advanced side skirt product, the Trailerblade, will enhance your tractor trailer by providing a proven 7% savings on your fuel economy. TrailerBlade also provides durability and flexibility that last through any challenge a trailer may face on the road. With Strehl’s products on your fleet’s tractor trailers, your trucks look better, drive better and perform better. Our proven results guarantee an exceptional performance.