Durability Meets Performance

If you wouldn’t build a trailer out of it, then why use it to build a side skirt?

TrailerBlade is the only side skirt built entirely from materials that are already on the outside of your tractor-trailer. These industry-standard materials are your best guarantee of long-life and successful performance.

How is TrailerBlade constructed?

Upper Panels are polyester-coated steel with a polyethylene core that is similar to what clads your trailer. Their high gloss, polyester coating matches your trailer’s appearance and will look great for years. The panel’s composition is formulated to achieve the optimum balance of aerodynamic efficiency with flexibility. Struts are engineered to allow TrailerBlade’s skirts to absorb tremendous side impacts.

Lower Skirt is made from a thermoplastic vulcanate compound, or TPV, the same material that tractor manufacturers use on cab and side wheel fairings. Our proprietary design maintains aerodynamic integrity while maximizing ground clearance. TrailerBlade has successfully recovered from a 25-inch perpendicular impact. The compound is so strong that the skirt will maintain its aerodynamic profile in triple digit temperatures and yet be flexible enough to pass over objects in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Mounting Struts are made from steel just like most trailer undercarriages. This pre-loaded strut not only pivots, it articulates. This four-way adjustment not only prevents damage, it ensures a perfect installation on every trailer, every time, without vibration. The slim profile resists snow, ice, and mud build-up. The triple-coated galvanizing protects from the effects of corrosion.

Certifications and Testing

All TrailerBlade products listed for Dry Vans and Reefers are CARB Approved,  Smartway Verified, and meet the GHG2 standards for a Bin 3 Device.

TrailerBlade Specifications

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