TrailerBlade Flaps Won’t Rip Off
Eliminate Spray
Save Fuel


  • Virtually Eliminate road side repairs.
  • Dispels Water better than any vented flap, improving safety and making drivers happy.
  • Naturally Anti-sail.
  • Save Fuel. Expect .5% to 1% reduction in gallons used by equipping your tractor and trailer with TrailerBlade Flaps. This works out to about 18 gallons for every 100,000 miles.
  • Small Repairs Add Up. A major fleet recently dug into the numbers and found that they replaced 12% of their mudflaps per year. The majority of those repairs occurred on the road at an average cost of $90.00 each for parts and labor, not to mention downtime.

TrailerBlade Flaps won’t rip off, even when backed over the nastiest curb.

Curbs don’t get much worse than this. As the tractor tries to back over the curb, tires smoked, but the trapped TrailerBlade Flaps didn’t rip off.


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Avoid Roadside Repairs • Improve Safety and Fuel Economy
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