How is TrailerBlade Fleet different than the original TrailerBlade HD?


  • Identical aerodynamic performance

  • Identical industry-leading, rock-solid materials

  • Identical fuel-savings

  • TrailerBlade Fleet is 30 pounds lighter than the original TrailerBlade

  • All TrailerBlade Fleet skirts are designed to be installed in less than one man hour.


TrailerBlade Fleet builds on the legendary performance and reliability of the original TrailerBlade by using the same aerodynamic profile and the same industry standard materials in a lighter package.

TrailerBlade Fleet Specifications


TrailerBlade Fleet Brochure

Fleet and Pup Fast Install Manual

TrailerBlade Counter Mat

MaxFlex Technology

MaxFlex Struts allow 45° of inboard movement.

TrailerBlade panels are flexible, yet durable.

TrailerBlade panels retain their optimal aerodynamic profile.

Nothing Beats TrailerBlade. Nothing.