TrailerBlade Advanced Side Skirt

  • It will last for years. TrailerBlade is designed and engineered like your trailer. The only product in its class made from the same proven materials that your trailer is made from.
  • TrailerBlade HD’s revolutionary, adjustable strut design makes proper installation easy. It installs in roughly two man-hours.
  • Our patented strut eliminates vibration and is built to withstand the most brutal conditions.
  • Damage? Replace ONLY what is damaged. TrailerBlade’s modular design keeps your maintenance costs low.
  • Anti-corrosion technology protects the upper panels.
  • Lower Skirt is made from tough TPV. Temperature extremes won’t compromise its aerodynamic profile, yet remains flexible to absorb impacts.


TrailerBlade HD Brochure

TrailerBlade HD Install Manual

TrailerBlade Counter Mat

TrailerBlade Complete Reference Manual

MaxFlex Technology

MaxFlex Struts allow 45° of inboard movement.

TrailerBlade Pup panels are flexible, yet durable.

TrailerBlade Pup panels retain their optimal aerodynamic profile.

Nothing Beats TrailerBlade. Nothing.