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Fuel Efficiency on the Road • Real World Practical

  • Flexible Rubber Skirt offers best-in-class ground clearance for tight spots and driveways.

  • Patented MaxFlex™ Struts allow 45° of movement for unmatched damage resistance.

  • TrailerBlade™ Panels are built to last as long as your trailer.

  • Add doors for push-button access to batteries, tools, ladders, ramps. Two styles available.

  • Best Side Skirt for Placard Mounting

  • Tough, Flexible, Durable

  • Adjustable, Easy Installation

  • Instant Image Improver


TrailerBlade Pup Brochure

Fleet and Pup Fast Install Manual

TrailerBlade Counter Mat

MaxFlex Technology

MaxFlex Struts allow 45° of inboard movement.

TrailerBlade panels are flexible, yet durable.

TrailerBlade panels retain their optimal aerodynamic profile.

Nothing Beats TrailerBlade. Nothing.